Low blood sugar 'not conducive to weight loss'

Low blood sugar 'not conducive to weight loss'

Older people using home care who want to improve their health may try to lose some weight, as obesity is a risk factor for many conditions.

According to Ann Finnemore, owner of hypnotherapy and stress management company Getting You There, many diets are not helpful when it comes to losing weight.

She explains that if blood sugar drops to a low level, people will eat.

Furthermore, if it becomes too low, the individual is likely to opt for high calorie foods, which are not conducive to losing weight.

"Nowadays, when we are more likely to be surrounded by food, it is important that this mechanism does not come into play often and so managing blood sugar levels is vital to weight management," she commented.

Meanwhile, brain imaging scans have shown that a drop in glucose levels means the brain loses its ability to resist high-calorie food, according to research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

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