Love bite 'caused stroke'

Love bite 'caused stroke'

A woman experienced a stroke due to a love bite from her partner, it has been reported.

After realising she could not move her left arm, the woman, from New Zealand, rushed to hospital, reports The Christchurch Press.

Doctors found that a blood clot had formed in the artery beneath a love bite on the neck of the 44-year-old and travelled to her heart, causing a small stroke.

"Because it was a love bite there would be a lot of suction," Dr Wu of Middlemore Hospital in Auckland, told the paper.

"We looked at the medical literature and that example of having a love bite causing something like that hasn't been described before," he added.

This comes after Scientists at the Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute in Miami found that stents could be key in helping stroke patients where other treatments fail.

Stents were found to open the arteries in 95 per cent of the 19 acute stroke patients in the trial, without which death or severe disability would have occurred in 95 per cent of patients.

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