Link between Parkinson's and Cannabis to be investigated

Link between Parkinson's and Cannabis to be investigated

A study is to investigate the link between Parkinson's disease and illegal drug cannabis, it has been reported.

Cannabis is suspected to be one of the triggers of Parkinson's disease but could also be a great help for those suffering from the condition, reports the

Peter Freestone, a researcher at Auckland University, has been given almost $172,000 (£85,000) to carry out the research, which could bring hope to Parkinson's sufferers around the world.

In his funding application, Freestone said that the research would "provide much-needed information for evaluating the therapeutic potential of these substances for Parkinson's disease".

Meanwhile, A-list actress Anne Hathaway has said she performed extensive research into Parkinson's for her role in new film Love and Other Drugs.

She claimed in interviews to have gone to support groups and read the writings of actor Michael J Fox, who has the condition, in preparation for the role to ensure she "did everybody justice".

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