Leukaemia protein 'linked to Alzheimer's'

Leukaemia protein 'linked to Alzheimer's'

A protein typically associated with leukaemia could play a part in the development of Alzheimer's disease, researchers have said.

The c-Abl molecule was found to be present among the plaques and tangles which are hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease.

Dr Peter Davis, of the Feinstein Institute, said: "We have a great model to test compounds for Alzheimer's disease. Will regulating c-Abl make a difference for patients? We won't know unless we try it in double blind clinical trials."

Authors hope they will be to turn off the c-Abl protein in animal models, and measure the benefits of doing so.

In other news, more than half of under-60s with Alzheimer's disease are misdiagnosed if memory loss is not one of their symptoms, it has been revealed in a study published in journal Neurology.

Research published in journal Neurology found that 38 per cent of patients originally experienced symptoms other than memory loss such as vision, language or behavioural problems.

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