Learning disabilities and poverty 'linked'

A professor at the Institute for Health Research will give this year's Tizard Centre seminar on poverty and people with learning disabilities.

Professor Eric Emerson, the professor of disability and health research, will examine some of the current debates in the area of poverty as a contributor to later poor health and wellbeing.

He is expected to say that there is extensive evidence which suggests that poverty during childhood impacts on not only a person's future health, but also their opportunities and experiences.

"We know that people with intellectual disability are at increased risk of exposure to poverty during childhood and as adults," said the Tizard Centre's Judy Lee.

"Rather surprisingly, the possible link between poverty and the health and social inequalities faced by intellectual disability has received little attention within either the world of research or policy and practice, which is why Professor Emerson's seminar will be of interest to anyone in this field."

Another lectures in the series includes, Men with learning disabilities and sexually abusive behaviour: does treatment work?

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