Leafy greens 'could reduce stroke risk'

Leafy greens 'could reduce stroke risk'

We've always been told to eat our greens - and for good reason.

Recent research from the universities of Cambridge and Southampton shows how vegetables such as kale, spinach, broccoli and cabbage contain nitrates that can reduce the risk of stroke, among other conditions, the Daily Mail reports. 

These greens can thin the blood, which means that oxygen can be delivered efficiently throughout the body, thereby cutting the chances of dangerous clots, stroke and heart attack.

Nitrate is present in such vegetables and this ingredient can help many different parts of the body and even help to combat obesity.

Researcher Dr Tom Ashmore pointed out that the only flaw was that some people didn't like vegetables. 

Associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation Professor Jeremy Pearson pointed out that researchers have believed that nitrate-rich vegetables have many benefits for the heart.

"This research suggests that a previously unsuspected mechanism by which nitrate controls red blood cell production is important. These findings add to the evidence that dietary nitrate promotes cardiovascular health," he said. 

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