Large numbers of doctors 'wouldn't recommend their hospital'

Large numbers of doctors 'wouldn't recommend their hospital'

As many as two-thirds of doctors and nurses at some NHS hospitals would not recommend their place of work to a family member or friend who required treatment.

According to an internal survey of more than 100,000 staff, almost 40 per cent would not be not be happy for someone they know to be treated at their hospital, the Daily Telegraph reports.

But the figure is much worse in some places, with just one-third of staff at North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust agreeing that they would recommend it. At 17 NHS Trusts, this figure was less than half.

David Cameron has recently revealed that all patients in accident and emergency wards will be issued with a "friends and family test" and asked to rate their level of care. It is thought this will eventually be rolled out across the NHS.

A senior source told the newspaper: "The quality of hospital care is a massive issue for this government."

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