Lack of Omega-3 'leads to depressive behaviours'

Lack of Omega-3 'leads to depressive behaviours'

Those who lack omega-3 in their diets could be more likely to exhibit depressive behaviours, according to scientists.

Researchers from Insert and INRA and collaborators in Spain, found that mice who ate a diet low in omega-3 experienced consequences on their synaptic functions and emotional behaviours.

Omega-3 must enter into the body through diet as the body cannot synthesize them from new.

Olivier Manzoni and Sophie Laye, researchers in the project said: "To determine if the omega-3 deficiency is responsible for these neuropsychiatric disorders additional studies are, of course, required".

This comes after expert Elizabeth Jeffery, a University of Illinois professor of nutrition warned that overcooking broccoli can affect the vegetable's ability to fight cancer.

According to Ms Jeffery, overcooking the food eliminated the enzyme myrosinase that allows sulforaphane, broccoli's cancer preventative constituent to form, therefore getting rid of the vegetable's cancer-fighting properties.

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