King's Fund warns of 'treacherous waters' for NHS

King's Fund warns of 'treacherous waters' for NHS

A new report by the King's Fund has warned that the NHS is facing "treacherous waters" in the future, though it is performing well at the present time.

An assessment of coalition health policy released by the body showed cracks are starting to appear in standards of care in the NHS.

Director of policy at the King's Fund Anna Dixon stated there are "huge risks" that savings enforced by the government are going to affect the quality of care provided.

"The stakes for patients could not be higher, and frontline leaders will have a crucial role to play in meeting the challenges ahead," she said.

Ms Dixon added competition and commissioning reform alone cannot be relied on by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance to result in the necessary improvements in the NHS.

Recently released government care data showed there were 3,731 adult critical care beds available with 3,083 occupied during October.

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