Kidney donation is safe over 70

Kidney donation is safe over 70

People over 70 can still donate a kidney, according to a recent study.

Researchers in Washington have discovered that healthy individuals over 70 years old were no more likely to die within one, five or ten years after donating than healthy older adults who were not organ donors.

The findings are good news for those patients with limited donor options in need of a kidney.

Dr Dorry Segev, investigator on the study, stated: "It is important for individuals over 70 who want to donate a kidney to be aware that many have done so safely.

"Many older adults - and even many physicians - are not even aware that this occurs."

Studies are increasingly proving that kidney donors are at very little medical risk and that, in the long term, people who donate one of their kidney's are likely to live just as long as those who have two healthy ones.

Dr Segev discovered after looking at data from a national registry of 80,347 live kidney donors in the US that there were only 25 deaths in the first 90 days after donation surgery over a 15 year period.

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