Keep record of medications, doctor says

Keep record of medications, doctor says

People should keep a record of all medications they are taking, one expert has said, indicating that people in need of pharmaceuticals for conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, should keep their prescriptions.

GP Dr Rob Hicks said that sometimes people do not see the same doctor twice, or even go to the same practise, which is why they should take a prescription print out of their specific treatment.

"Also have a record of anything you might have been prescribed that isn't on your repeat - anything that you buy over-the-counter," he added.

Dr Hicks also said that people must ensure they read the labels of any medication they are on to ensure they are benefitting from the treatment, rather than being subject to unwanted side effects.

This follows an Opinion Health survey which revealed that 86 per cent of women had taken painkillers in the last year that had not worked satisfactorily.

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