Keep learning to avoid dementia

Keep learning to avoid dementia

Continuing to learn and develop new skills into old age could help to keep the brain active and stave off dementia.

This is the opinion of Dan Roberts, a cognitive therapist and founder of, speculating on the association between education and cognitive decline.

"Because we know the brain keeps growing and changing throughout our lives, it’s definitely a bad idea to think we can just give up on studying and stretching ourselves because we hit middle-age," he said.

Consequently, it is important to adopt a "lifelong approach" when contemplating learning and continue to embark upon new challenges.

Mr Roberts' statements follow in the wake of multiple studies showing that brain training activities can help to protect against dementia.

However, the Alzheimer's Society has warned that further research is needed into the effects of such practices on cognitive decline and is itself embarking upon a series of investigations to get to the bottom of the association.

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