Interactive video games 'could help people with MS'

Interactive video games 'could help people with MS'

Interactive computer games can be a way for people with multiple sclerosis (MS) to take exercise at home, a physiotherapy provider has said.

Jon Graham, clinical director of PhysioFunction, said those with MS can improve their posture by strengthening their abdominal and back muscles, and work on balance by strengthening the hips and legs.

"Suitable exercises can be prescribed by a physiotherapist or suitably experienced fitness instructor," he commented.

Interactive computer games such as the Wii Fit games library and Wii Balance Board can be a valuable way to help people with MS to exercise at home, added Mr Graham.

The comments come soon after research from the universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh indicated that damage caused by MS could be reversed by activating stem cells.

A mechanism for regenerating insulating layers, known as myelin sheaths, was identified and is regarded as potentially exploitable in humans following studies on rodents.

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