Integrated diabetes management programme 'boost patient care'

Integrated diabetes management programme 'boost patient care'

The use of an integrated diabetes management programme is able to improve patient care in this area, according to new research.

A study conducted by specialists at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute found that the implementation of the scheme led to a change in how effective levels of communication were.

It was noted in the report that by using the programme, 85 per cent of patients had their doctors notified of their diabetic status, compared with only 26 percent before the study took place.

Amy Charlebois, one of the programme's nurse champions, described the results of the research as "amazing".

Bonnie Quinlan, an advanced practice nurse at the Heart Institute, added that patients with diabetes account for a disproportionately high number of hospital inpatients globally.

Recent research conducted at the University of Illinois found that eating crusty foods may worsen heart conditions linked to diabetes, with the study noting consuming such foods could worsen the cardiovascular complications of the condition.

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