Insight gained into aging heart

Insight gained into aging heart

Scientists have uncovered a gene associated with the heart's development and the ageing process, which could lead to new treatments for heart conditions in older people, who may be looking to find a care home.

The MLIP gene found the gene in the nucleus of the cell which suggests that it could control the actions of other genes vital to the development of the heart, according to the study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Patrick Burgon, molecular biologist, explained: "We know that aging is the greatest predictor of cardiovascular disease and heart failure. So we have been working backward in time, looking at the fetal heart to understand changes in the process as it ages, grows frail and fails."

He added that the research opens up new avenues in the research of cardiac development.

Meanwhile, an investigation published in journal Medical Decision Making established that patients most at risk of heart disease or stroke, are the least likely to take the statins prescribed to them.

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