Inner-city stroke survivors 'had poor long-term outcomes'

Inner-city stroke survivors 'had poor long-term outcomes'

Stroke survivors in inner-city London were seen to experience poor long term outcomes in a new study.

Research published in PLoS Medicine investigated the lives of people who had experienced a stroke, by tracking them for up to ten years following the event.

They were found to have poor long-term outcomes, with high levels of disability experienced immediately following the stroke and a large percentage of participants having moderate to severe disabilities for up to a decade after the event.

Authors, from King's College London, said that the study "not only provides population estimates, to our knowledge for the first time, on the longer term outcomes in a diverse inner city population but highlights that stroke is truly a lifelong condition among survivors with ongoing poor outcomes".

Meanwhile, research published in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation has said that playing computer games can improve stroke recovery.

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