Increased physiotherapy waiting times worry experts

Increased physiotherapy waiting times worry experts

Increases in the amount of time a patient must wait for important physiotherapy treatments are worrying, according to industry experts.

Staff shortages and cost cutting procedures have caused average waiting times to rise to sixth months for patients awaiting vital physiotherapy treatments.

The number of sessions a patient receives has also decreased.

Joe Korner, director of communications at the Stroke Association, called the physiotherapy waiting times "worrying" and potentially harmful for patient recovery.

"We know that the sooner stroke survivors start their rehabilitation the more likely they are to make a better recovery, and that breaks in therapy can halt their progress," he continued.

Research has proven that the long term benefits of physiotherapy decrease the longer the period between the initial stroke and the start of treatment.

The combined treatment programme of amphetamines and physiotherapy has been claimed to improve motor recovery in people who have experienced a stroke by increasing the concentration of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine in the central nervous system.

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