Increased investment in dementia pledged by charity

Increased investment in dementia pledged by charity

A leading Alzheimer's charity has announced its intention to boost investment in dementia research nationwide.

Alzheimer's Research UK will financially support 15 Research Network Centres across the UK in a bid to combat the degenerative disease more effectively.

Forming part of David Cameron's Defeat Dementia campaign, £1.2 million will be given to more than 700 researchers over the next two years. This will enable new networks to be formed and the existing ones to be bolstered. 

Through the charity's network, experts are brought together from different disciplines to collaborate and work together to try to create treatments and cures for the condition that the prime minister branded the "new cancer". 

As part of an attempt to keep the local community up to date with the happenings and breakthroughs, each Network Centre puts on a free meeting where they discuss the latest advancements in their research. In addition, researchers are able to hear from those who have been affected by the condition to help them to garner new insights and approaches to fighting cognitive decline. 

Director of research at the charity Dr Eric Karran highlighted how a cure for the condition would not be achieved by scientists working by themselves. 

"Investment in our Research Network is essential to bring scientists together to share ideas and resources. Supporting grass-roots research is crucial to lay strong foundations for larger studies and we are pleased to be able to invest in people and ideas that could provide breakthroughs we are all desperate for."

Secretary of state for health Jeremy Hunt said the government's ambition is to discover new treatments and cures, especially in light of the fact that 44 million individuals across the globe are affected by dementia and this number is predicted to double in the next 20 years. 

In the UK alone, it is believed more than 820,000 individuals have the degenerative disorder. 

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