Improving diet 'as simple as smaller portions'

Improving diet 'as simple as smaller portions'

It is "not rocket science" to alter diet in order to improve health, one expert has said.

There is no doubt that many people soon to find a care home could benefit from a more nutritious diet.

Dr Hilary Jones, spokesperson for TENA Men, said that the obesity epidemic can be put down to the fact that plates are too big and appetites are uncontrolled.

Further to this, Brits eat very energy dense food, and fast food is available everywhere.

"We just need to have smaller portions with less carbohydrates, less saturated fat and exercise a bit more. It really isn't rocket science; this is possible," he said.

An "element of motivation" can kick start a more healthy diet, he said, and then people "are in the groove".

One way in which older people may want to change their diet is to avoid acidic foods, which can cause joint inflammation.

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