Impax reports success in Parkinson's disease drug trials

Impax reports success in Parkinson's disease drug trials

Impax Pharmaceauticals has reported positive results in the latest clinical study of one of its treatments for Parkinson's disease, named IPX066.

The late-stage study on 471 people saw the drug meet key goals, including significantly improved control of motor symptoms compared with immediate-release carbidopa-levodopa (IR CD-LD).

IPX066 demonstrated an improvement over IR CD-LD in the proportion of "off time" during waking hours, during which medication has worn off and there is a return of Parkinson's disease symptoms.

Dr Suneel Gupta, chief scientific officer at Impax Pharmaceuticals, said the company is "excited" about the results, which show the drug provides a "robust level of efficacy".

"There is a major unmet need in patients with advanced [Parkinson's disease] for a therapy that can consistently extend and improve motor symptom control through the day and enhance quality of life," added Dr Robert A Hauser of the University of South Florida.

The news follows a study in the Archives of Neurology, which indicated that people with Parkinson's disease have a high incidence of vitamin D insufficiency.

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