Imaging to lead to better treatment for stroke?

Imaging to lead to better treatment for stroke?

New technology could mean there is a bigger window of opportunity to treat some stroke patients than was previously thought, according to scientists.

In a report published in journal Lancet Neurology, researchers reviewed stroke studies investigating the use of imaging to measure blood flow to the brain following a stroke.

Authors noted that advanced neuroimaging like multi-dimensional brain CT scans and MRIs, could be used to lengthen the window of opportunity for treating stroke patients.

Lead author Ashfaq Shuaib said: "What we're recommending is, don't look at the window of time only, look at the important tissue window which may be quite prolonged in many patients.

"Don't just say, 'oh this person had a stroke 4.5 hours ago, end of story'."

In other news, research published in journal Neuron identified 70 genes which promote axon re-growth, helping to regenerate nerves after stroke or spinal injury.

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