Ibuprofen could slow down dementia symptoms

Ibuprofen could slow down dementia symptoms

The over-the-counter pill ibuprofen could help to slow down the onset of dementia symptoms.

This is according to new research from Newcastle University, which showed the common painkiller could help those with the degenerative condition, although it was not effective in improving the illness itself. 

It is believed to be effective in those who age faster than normal who may have diseases that are associated with chronic inflammation, as this may bring about illness because the body's cells are hampered from regenerating. 

"If you are in your 70s and have type 2 diabetes and cognitive decline, [taking ibuprofen] might be for you," study author Professor Thomas von Zglinicki commented. 

Scientists are set to start clinical trials on humans, after tests on mice proved successful. A group of 200 individuals with Parkinson's disease who may be adversely affected by quickened ageing will be studied as part of this. 

The full findings of this research can be viewed in the journal Nature Communications.

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