How regularly should stomach cancer screening take place?

How regularly should stomach cancer screening take place?

Some parts of the world are at a greater risk of stomach cancer, including Eastern Asia and China.

A new study now claims that it has identified how often people in these regions should be screened for the condition, which will prove key in reducing the number of deaths from gastric cancer.

Prognosis for stomach cancer depends on how early it is identified. Therefore, regular screening is essential.

Researchers studied 2,485 patients diagnosed with gastric cancer and separated them into groups depending on the interval between their screenings prior to the condition.

It was found that gastric cancer stages were similar for screening intervals between one and three years, but risk was higher when screening was left at intervals of four years or more.

Currently, for high risk areas, screening is recommended every two years. The study indicates that this can be increased to three years.

The findings of the study are vital, as it is revealed that global instances of cancer will increase to 75 per cent by 2030. Therefore, early detection is vital.

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