How far does attitude effect menopause?

How far does attitude effect menopause?

During the menopause women are advised to try a number of lifestyle changes to help cope with symptoms.

Among them is to take up exercise and a new study has questioned how far attitudes to activity effects menopausal outcomes.

Researchers at Penn State University identified that women either experience more hot flashes after exercise or fewer.

Those with fewer hot flashes were found to be those who mentally believed that they had control over the issue.

Steriani Elavsky, assistant professor of kineiology, explained: "These women have ways of dealing with (hot flashes) and they believe they can control or cope with them in an effective way on a daily basis."

Based on these findings, researchers hypothesised that cognitive behavioural therapy to change women's attitudes to menopause could given females better control over their bodies.

During the study it was also found that women who experienced fewer hot flashes were also at a decreased risk of developing anxiety and depression during the menopause.

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