Hot flushes and night sweats continue long after menopause

Hot flushes and night sweats continue long after menopause

Women still experience hot flushes and night sweats long after the menopause has ended, according to a new study.

Researchers monitored 10,418 postmenopausal women aged between 54 and 65 and focused on the effects of age, BMI, hysterectomy, hormone therapy use, lifestyle and mood on the continuation of hot flushes and sweats.

Some 54 per cent of women were still experiencing night sweats and hot flushes years after the menopause ended, regardless of age.

Professor Myra Hunter, co-author of the study, stated: "We were surprised to find that menopausal symptoms persisted in over half of the women.

"They were still having hot flushes on average ten years after their last period."

Research has shown that women who cope well with life's challenges and hardships cope better with the menopause, whereas women with little emotional resilience recounted a harder menopausal experience.

Women who were proactive in their search for ways to cope with menopause were also reported to cope better with the experience. 

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