Hospitals 'need to rethink dementia care'

Hospitals 'need to rethink dementia care'

Hospitals need to rethink how they provide care for people with dementia, according to a new report.

The NHS Confederation, the only independent body to represent the full range of organisations that make up the NHS, believes there is still "considerable scope" for improving the care provided to people with dementia.

In its latest report, the confederation claims that better care for these patients can actually provide cost savings, as well as making their stay in hospital a better experience.

Reacting to the report's findings, head of policy and public affairs for the Alzheimer's Society Andrew Chidgey said that it was encouraging that the confederation had recognised the potential savings that could be made in this way.

He said: "Alzheimer's Society's Counting the Cost report found that at least £80 million a year could be saved if people with dementia are enabled to leave hospital one week earlier.

"These cost savings should be reinvested in workforce development and more appropriate care in the community."

The NHS Confederation states that the current cost of dementia care is around £1.3 billion a year.

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