Hospitals are too "dangerous" for some older people

Hospitals are too "dangerous" for some older people

Older people should be treated in their homes rather than "dangerous" hospitals where possible, the NHS Alliance has stated.

In a surprise attack on the standards of care offered in hospitals, the alliance said hospitals are not always the best place to treat patients with long-term conditions such as dementia because there is an increased risk of infection.

Dr Michael Dixon, president and chairman of the alliance, said: "We should aim to keep them out of hospital for as long as possible.

"We need to work towards the point when acute hospital admissions should be regarded as a failure rather than a default position."

His comments come after the public inquiry into why hundreds of patients needlessly died at two hospitals in Mid-Staffordshire between January 2005 and March 2009.

The  alliance told The Times that it intends to submit a five-point plan for improving patient care to the NHS Commissioning Board today (Wednesday, March 13th).

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