Hope for Huntington's patients as drug shows "favourable signals"

Hope for Huntington's patients as drug shows "favourable signals"

US scientists have announced a six-month trial of a "promising" drug that could be used to treat Huntington's disease.

The phase II clinical trial will see the drug administered to 100 patients with early to mid-stage Huntington's. The target number of applicants was achieved ahead of schedule and scientists at the John Hopkins University Medical Centre have stated they may add further patients to the trial at a later date.

It is being undertaken by Prana Biotechnology and will test the effectiveness of PBT2 as a treatment for Huntington's, after the drug displayed "favourable signals" in a trial for the treatment of Alzheimer's.

Professor Ira Shoulson of Georgetown University said: "PBT2 attracted our attention as an experimental drug with the potential to bring real benefit to Huntington Disease patients who suffer from a range of motor, behavioural and cognitive symptoms."

Huntington's affects 70,000 people worldwide and there is currently no cure for the condition.

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