A high sugar diet has unexpected side effects

A high sugar diet has unexpected side effects

Having a high sugar diet is not advisable for anyone, but for women it could come with some unexpected side effects.

According to Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill, a hormone and holistic health specialist with clinics in Harley Street and Guernsey, females could find themselves with excess hair if they consume too much sugar.

High sugar foods cause exacerbated insulin levels, which puts people at risk of Type 2 diabetes.

"One of the side effects of higher insulin levels is it can make you put on weight around the middle and for girls it is also linked with an increase in facial or body hair," Dr Burns-Hill explained.

Women can prevent this unwelcome and embarrassing outcome by monitoring their sugar intake.

Having a diet that isn't high in sugar is also essential keeping a healthy cholesterol level.

Those with high cholesterol are at risk of cardiac complications, and a balanced diet and exercise are key in keeping it stable.

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