High blood sugar 'causes more bleeding during stroke'

High blood sugar 'causes more bleeding during stroke'

One of the reasons that people with diabetes often suffer more damage as a result of a stroke has been revealed by a new study.

According to research published in Nature Medicine found that bleeding was increased when blood sugar levels were high.

Scientists from Joslin Diabetes Center injected a small amount of blood into the brains of rats with diabetes and those without and found that those with the condition experienced bleeding over a larger area of the brain.

Dr Edward Feener, who led the study, said the work could have broad implications for treatment of hemorrhagic stroke.

"Given the prevalence of strokes and the damage they inflict, these findings are exciting because they suggest the possibility that rapid control of blood sugar levels may provide an opportunity to reduce intracerebral hemorrhage, which is a clinical situation that has very limited treatment options."

Meanwhile, scientists from the University of Edinburgh have found that chances of a good recovery following a stroke could be greatly increased by lowering the body temperature to 'hibernate' the brain.

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