Heart disease 'prevented with tea'

Heart disease 'prevented with tea'

Drinking four cups of black tea each day could prevent those staying in residential care homes with personal care from developing coronary problems, it has been said.

Dr Carrie Ruxton from the Tea Advisory Panel, explained that blood vessels are helped to develop by the chemicals known as flavonoids in tea and that the drink also acts as an antioxidant.

This improves the blood flow around the body and stops people from becoming susceptible to heart disease, the expert said.

She added that black tea is as healthy as green tea, despite popular presumptions.

"Black and green teas are from the same plant - they are just processed differently. Both types of tea are rich in plant compounds, called flavonoids, which are known to offer a range of health benefits," Dr Ruxton said.

A recent study, published on bmj.com, revealed that a new risk prediction tool has been developed to identify patients who are at a high likelihood of serious blood clots, which could be of use to those concerned about heart disease.

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