Hearing aids 'improve quality of life'

Hearing aids 'improve quality of life'

Using an aid significantly improves the quality of life in those who have difficulty hearing, making them less likely to find a care home, one expert has said.

Rachel Mcdonald of Deafness Research UK said that hearing loss deteriorates gradually which can make it hard to detect.

She advised that anyone who suspects they may have problems with their hearing should visit their family doctor who can get them the help they require.

Ms Mcdonald also said that certain types of behaviour could lead to hearing damage in later life.

"If you go to loud clubs every night, listen to excessively loud music on your MP3 or work in a noisy industry and don't use hearing protection, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that you may damage your hearing," she explained.

This comes after research published in the Archives of Otolaryngology said that hearing impairment in middle aged adults could be associated with cardiovascular risks, being male and having a noisy job.

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