Health and social care bill passes through parliament

Health and social care bill passes through parliament

The controversial health and social care bill has passed through parliament, despite attempts by Labour to block it.

An emergency meeting was held to discuss shadow health secretary Andy Burnham's proposal to delay the reforms.

However, MPs voted 328 to 246 in favour of the bill and it now heads for Royal Assent before parliament adjourns for Easter next week.

Labour has continued to assert that the bill is putting the future of the NHS at risk.

If given the Queen's approval, the proposals will give GPs greater control over treatment and patients more say in their health care experiences.

Nonetheless, the bill has been criticised for putting too power in the hands of private companies.

This could potentially prevent fair access to services for Britons, with the best care only being made available to those who can afford it.

The government has, however, denied this claim, calling it a "worst-case scenario to challenge decision making".

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