Have you joined the senior keep fit revolution?

Have you joined the senior keep fit revolution?

It is important to keep healthy no matter what age you are. However, as you get older making sure you eat properly and exercise regularly is even more vital.

This may be why there is a growing trend among the over-50s to join the gym.

New research by Nuffield Health has revealed that seniors are more interested in keeping healthy than their younger counterparts.

When assessing the gym habits of 120,000 people, it was found that older adults make 20 extra visits on average on an annual basis than younger exercisers.

The number of gym visits made increased four-fold for every decade that passed, peaking at the age of 66.

Laura Kerby, managing director of consumer wellbeing at Nuffield Health, commented: "'Far from only being the domain of the young, our fitness and wellbeing centres also have a very solid number of older members wanting to maintain and improve their overall health and fitness."

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