Have regular eye examinations to control presbyopia

Have regular eye examinations to control presbyopia

Regular eye examinations are vital to enable older adults to control the natural deterioration of eyesight, known as presbyopia.

During the ageing process eyesight begins to diminish and many people could find themselves needing glasses.

Danielle Shanks, lead optometrist at Ultralase, commented: "Most conditions can be easily treated if detected early through regular eye examinations.

"Such treatments can help preserve an excellent quality of vision as the patient grows older."

However, some people may dismiss signs that their eyesight needs attention as just par for the course, forgoing eye examinations completely.

This practice should be avoided and the second an individual notices they struggle to read what they used to be able to see without strain, an optician must be consulted.

Feeling tired after long periods of reading and headaches are also common signs that glasses are required.

The stigma of glasses also isn't as pronounced as it used to be, with many fashionable styles available.

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