Have a proper breakfast to manage hangover symptoms

Have a proper breakfast to manage hangover symptoms

Over the festive season older adults waking up to a hangover must have a proper breakfast, according to nutritional experts.

As the body takes longer to process alcohol when people get older, taking measures to help recovery is essential.

Yvonne Bishop-Weston, a Harley street nutritionist, advised: "The best thing to do [when you have a hangover] is have a proper breakfast.

"An ideal breakfast would be something like oily fish because the essential fatty acids will help with the symptoms of a hangover."

A fruit smoothy or vegetable juice is also a great kick-start to raise blood sugars. This should be drank an hour before having a protein-filled breakfast, according to Ms Bishop-Western.

Having protein before drinking is also important, as aids a slower release of alcohol in the body.

However, older adults are advised not to drink too much and to stay away from alcohol if it clashes with any medication.

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