Harlow becomes latest town to discuss dementia improvements

Harlow becomes latest town to discuss dementia improvements

An MP in Essex has begun discussions with local businesses and charities in an attempt to make the town of Harlow more accessible for people with dementia.

According to the Harlow Star, local MP Robert Halfon is attempting to turn the area into one of the dementia-friendly towns that prime minister David Cameron is calling for across the UK.

The number of people with the condition is set to soar past one million within the next ten years and Mr Cameron has repeatedly urged communities to make it easier for those with the disease to be able to continue their lives independently.

At the recent meeting in Harlow, several options were discussed regarding this subject.

"One idea of the many was that people with Alzheimer's can wear a small badge when they're shopping so that staff can be aware if a person suffers from dementia and will be able to serve them accordingly," Mr Harlow stated.

Other proposals put forward included PIN-less bank cards, special training for retail staff and specific signs to designate dementia-friendly businesses.

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