Group therapy 'improves life for MS patients'

Group therapy 'improves life for MS patients'

Individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) could improve their quality of life by attending group therapy sessions, research has shown.

The University of Nottingham Study showed that the emotional support received through group therapy sessions could ease the depression which is suffered by many people with MS.

Participants completed questionnaires about how MS affected their daily lives and the extent to which they felt in control.

One group then attended group therapy while another underwent typical MS care and were put on a group therapy waiting list to receive the treatment at the end of the study.

Follow up questionnaires revealed that those who attended the group sessions experienced fewer anxiety and depression problems, the disease affected their daily life less and their quality of life improved.

This comes after a study at the Taipei Medical University in Taiwan which revealed that Brits who have had a shingles or herpes zoster attack could be more vulnerable to developing multiple sclerosis in the following year.

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