Green tea and red wine 'may prevent Alzheimer's'

Green tea and red wine 'may prevent Alzheimer's'

Scientists from the University of Leeds have discovered evidence to suggest natural chemicals in green tea and red wine may be able to prevent Alzheimer's disease.

The team conducted experiments that have shown it is possible to disrupt the buildup of toxic proteins called amyloid beta - which are known to be involved in the development of the neurodegenerative condition - through the use of purified EGCG and resveratrol.

EGCG is extracted from green tea leaves, while resveratrol is derived from red wine.

Professor Nigel Harper, who led the research, said the research will help scientists gain a greater understanding of the disease.

"It's a misconception that Alzheimer's is a natural part of ageing; it's a disease that we believe can ultimately be cured through finding new opportunities for drug targets like this," he explained.

The research was part-funded by Alzheimer's Research UK and appears in the latest edition of the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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