Grandparents must ensure children have their seatbelts secured

Grandparents must ensure children have their seatbelts secured

Having the grandchildren for the day can be great fun, but it can also be somewhat of a battle.

It is important to make sure they are occupied and safe at all times, and the whole experience can leave you feeling like you have been run ragged.

However, in all the commotion, it is important to remember to check children's seatbelts are secured when you're out and about.

The warning follows the release of a study in the US explaining that few kids are using recommended safety restraints in cars.

While in times gone by seatbelts weren't even fitted in some cars, in modern times it is recognised that they are a vital part of road safety, with more and more vehicles in operation.

Therefore, before you set off, check that everyone is securely fastened in their seat - including you.

It is also important to keep calm when you've got the grandchildren over, even if they are being manic, as getting flustered can negatively impact upon your own health.

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