Grandparent carers 'unintentional victims of spending cuts'

Grandparent carers 'unintentional victims of spending cuts'

Grandparents who are raising grandchildren will be negatively impacted on by the spending cuts, according to one expert, which could worry those who may have not chosen to find a care home.

Sarah Wellard, policy and research manager at Grandparents Plus said that the austerity cuts could lead to more children being put into care as their grandparents are financially unable to look after them.

"We really hope local authorities will grasp that and just provide much better support and recognise the responsibilities they do have towards family and friends carers," she added.

This comes after news from the Family Fund surveyed grandparents carers and found that out of the 324 caring for disabled children, 99 per cent were looking after them full time.

In addition, over 60 per cent said they had a disability or chronic health problem themselves and four out of five said they needed more financial help.

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