GP agreement will bring choice to healthcare

GP agreement will bring choice to healthcare

The agreement between the government and the British Medical Association (BMA) over changes to the GP contract for next year is set to bring greater choice to patients and families in the UK.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has claimed that the agreement will improve the quality of care for patients by giving people the choice over which GPs administer their treatment.

“This is a good deal for GPs, a good deal for patients and a good deal for the NHS,” Mr Lansley claimed today.

According to Mr Lansley, patients often want “more choice over which practice they can register with” and the new GP agreement will allow individuals to register with the practice of their choice.

The changes also mean that people will not have to change their GP when they move away and can choose to have their GP closer to work rather than where they live.

 This provision will greatly benefit workers who have long-term health concerns and struggle to meet appointments with GPs and hospital services because of work commitments.

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