Govt's mental health strategy 'discounts dysfunctional families'

Govt's mental health strategy 'discounts dysfunctional families'

The government's new mental health strategy has failed to take into account the impact of dysfunctional families, a think tank has claimed.

According to The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), ministers should have assessed the effects of family breakdown in mental health in children and adults.

The CSJ maintains that despite being considered a major factor in children's wellbeing, family breakdown is often overlooked by experts when discussing mental health.

"Children with separated, single or step-parents are 50 per cent more likely to fail at school, have low self-esteem, experience poor peer relationships and have behavioural difficulties, anxiety or depression," the report claims.

This comes after the government announced it is to inject £400 million into the mental health system, in an effort to end the stigma surrounding certain conditions and treat them as equal to physical illness or injury.

It also aims to "cure" up to one million sufferers by 2015, encouraging such patients to return to the workforce.

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