Govt pledges further support for dementia research

Govt pledges further support for dementia research

The Department of Health (DoH) has given a major boost to funding for dementia research.

In its Route Map for Dementia Research, the DoH pledges £20 million to support dementia research over the next five years, while promising to increase Medical Research Council neurodegeneration funding by ten per cent, reaching £150 million over four years.

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow launched the route map, which was created after a long period of consultation with dementia experts.

He explained that dementia is one of the biggest tests that the UK will face in the coming years, adding: "It's an indiscriminate disease that cruelly chips away at our loved ones … We spent almost £19 million on dementia research last year. But more must be done."

Reacting to the announcement, the Alzheimer's Research UK chief executive Rebecca Wood described the Route Map for Dementia as a "welcome step" in the fight against dementia.

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