Govt 'must act urgently' in order to save care system

Govt 'must act urgently' in order to save care system

Baroness Sally Greengross has urged the government to act urgently in order to save the country's crumbling care system.

Speaking to the Alzheimer's Society after being elected Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Dementia, the peer said the UK care system is "breaking at the seams".

She told the charity: "The government has acknowledged this but we now need to see promises turned into action.

"By bringing together the APPGs, we can create a powerful voice to represent the views of millions of often unheard people and keep the pressure up."

The ultimate destination, Baroness Greengross concluded, was quality care at a fair price - an aim that the government must continue to strive for.

Alzheimer's Society acting chief executive Ruth Sutherland said that many people are forced to pay a "dementia tax" of thousands of pounds for essential care, therefore the government must not let this issue slip.

The Alzheimer's Research Trust estimates that there are around 820,000 people in the UK living with dementia.

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