Govt make dementia high priority

Govt make dementia high priority

Patients in the UK may soon experience improved levels of dementia care and treatment, as the government announces that dementia will be made a high level priority in the Operating Framework.

Under the Framework, anyone working with people with dementia must undergo special training and dementia patients must have access to a professional who can coordinate all of their needs.

Commenting on the Framework, the Alzheimer's Society stated: "Key contacts to help people with dementia navigate the complex care system and better trained staff could transform the care people with dementia receive.

"This must be accompanied by improvements in diagnosis rate."

Diagnosing dementia is often difficult, despite the presence biological markers.

Accurate and timely diagnosis is essential in order for the right treatment to be prescribed to slow down the condition and treat symptoms.

It is hoped that by recognising dementia as high level priority, structures in place to identify and treat dementia will improve.

According to the Alzheimer's society, it must also be ensured that new government measures are fully implemented throughout the UK.

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