Govt begins consultation on social care reform

Govt begins consultation on social care reform

The government has begun a review process as it looks to reform social care in the UK.

Health secretary Andrew Lansley is looking for new ways to measure performance within the NHS, as well as how best to meet care and support costs, protect a person's assets and best use public funding.

Key stakeholders in the health service, including doctors, patients and administrators have been gathered as part of a consultation on these issues.

Mr Lansley is looking to set "outcome goals" that can be used as part of a new framework of are expectations.

Reacting to the news, the acting chief executive of the Alzheimer's Society Ruth Sutherland said that it was reassuring to see the government moving forward with this issue.

"We must now ensure that any reform not only works out how to end the chronically unfair funding system but also guarantees quality of life for people with a range of long term conditions," he said.

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