Government plans 'could lead to over-diagnosis of dementia'

Government plans 'could lead to over-diagnosis of dementia'

A GP has raised concerns about the government's plans to diagnose more people with dementia.

It is believed that the number of people who actually have the disease is almost double the current number that have been diagnosed.

However, Dr Martin Brunet believes that there is a danger of over-diagnosis if doctors strive to find dementia where it may not always be.

Writing in the British Medical Journal, he said: "The potential harms inherent in setting targets for diagnoses have not been analysed despite the obvious danger that working towards targets can lead to perverse behaviours and outcomes."

While there is no cure for dementia, there is evidence to suggest patients can remain independent for longer through the use of various therapies.

George McNamara, of the Alzheimer's Society, argued that more also needs to be done to support those who are diagnosed with conditions such as Alzheimer's disease.

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