Government to lower recommended drinking limits for seniors?

Government to lower recommended drinking limits for seniors?

The government should cut the recommended drinking limits for older people, according to doctors, in a move likely to affect many looking to find a care home.

According to a report from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, current recommended drinking levels for older people are too high as they are based on the alcohol tolerance of younger people.

Research revealed that men over 65 should drink no more than 1.5 per units, and for women the limit should be lowered to just one unit a day.

Michelle Mitchell, Age UK charity director, commented: "Age UK fully supports moves to encourage GPs to do more to identify people who are drinking too much and the importance of raising awareness among older people about safe drinking levels as well as younger age groups."

This advice has attracted widespread criticism, with Bradford's Telegraph & Argus reporting that the city's older community "enjoy a daily tipple".

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