Government aims to boost NHS transparency

Government aims to boost NHS transparency

The Department of Health has announced it is releasing data relating to never events in a bid to reduce transparency in the NHS.

Never events are described as those incidents that should not happen at any point and health secretary Jeremy Hunt stated that transparency saves lives and improves care.

The new data shows that more than 300 never events were reported to Strategic Health Authorities over the past year.

Mr Hunt said: "The NHS treats a million people every 36 hours and we know that the vast majority of these patients have excellent care."

He stated that despite this, more needs to be done in order to ensure never events do not take place.

Over 150 of the never events recorded in the data involved retained foreign objects post-operation, while surgery on the wrong part of the body happened on 70 occasions.

Research into the initial NHS 111 pilot sites recently found that the vast majority of patients are satisfied with the level of care they receive from the NHS.

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